Party Poker made easy!

This menu can be overlayed onto any table, the lobby or the Party EzCASH GUI. Using the menu condenses a lot of tasks down to one simple hotkey. If you prefer hotkeys, they can be set up on the same TAB by pressing 'Posting Hotkeys).

Items that have been added to the menu appear on the right of the GUI.

To add or remove items, double click it in the list.

Note that all of the items on the menu work on every table that you are sitting at.

Sitting in and out 

All cotnrols related to sitting in and out effect all cash tables.

Table Screenshot

Simply press the 'table screenshot' button on the menu to take a screen capture of the table that the menu has been created above. A folder call 'Ez Screenshots' will be created on your desktop. You can take as many as you like and leave them in the folder for as long as you like. The pictures will be given a number such as '1.bmp'.

Range Tool

Displays a 'range of hands' for the percentage chosen by turning the mouse wheel above the window. There is three range options in the 'Ranges' menu on the GUI. This tool can also be displayed above the Party EzCASH when you aren't playing.